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Got Vaccinated? What to do with your Vaccination Cards?

The majority of Americans had already received their first dosage of vaccine, and some had completed the second round as well. Getting vaccinated is the most important thing we need to do today.


Our fight with Covid-19, as we all know, is far from over. Many people are still afflicted with this virus, and the terrible news is that it is continually mutating. However, there is some good news: vaccinations are already available. Vaccination provides additional protection.

Now that we've established the need for the vaccination, let's go on about the process.  They'll give you a vaccination card once you've had your first dose. This will contain a record of what vaccines you've had, when and where you got them if you've got your second dose or not. They'll also let you know when your next schedule is.

Should I keep that card safe?

Yes! Of course! Once you get that card it means that you are a responsible citizen of our country so always keep it safe. And one way to keep it safe? Buy your VACCINE CARDHOLDER- which is simple and very affordable but with great quality.

I bet you would not want your Vaccine Card to get destroyed or dirtied, because you might need it in the future since the virus is still mutating, we might need to get a booster shot in the future.

So, keep it clean and dry by using your Vaccine Cardholder. You may find it in our shop and we offer it in bundles too just in case you want to buy it for your whole family! Great isn’t it?

Treat your Vaccination Card like how you treat your Birth Certificate and your Passport!

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