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Misconceptions About Face Masks

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

There are MYTHS or Misconceptions nowadays about wearing a face mask. I’m sure you also heard one of these ‘MYTHS’. During this time, people must get educated about what to believe to avoid confusion. So, here is the 4-common misconception about face masks.

MYTH 1: Cloth masks don’t help you to protect yourself from Covid

- This is not true. Cloth face masks can help in reducing the number of respiratory droplets that a person releases. We are encouraged to use a cloth face mask for everyday use as the N95 mask and surgical masks should be reserved for healthcare workers.

MYTH 2: I feel healthy, I don’t need to wear a face mask

- Although you don’t feel any symptoms you still need to wear a face mask to protect yourself from the virus. The virus has an incubation period of about 15 days and many people are asymptomatic. Plus, wearing a face mask is a respect for those people around you.

MYTH 3: I can’t breathe while wearing a face mask

- You may feel a little bit uncomfortable while wearing a face mask since all of us we’re not really used to wearing one BUT it does not restrict your breathing. No proof wearing a face mask can cause low oxygen levels or high carbon dioxide levels. Besides, healthcare providers were wearing face masks for decades and there are no adverse health reactions.

MYTH 4: Masks don’t work

- Some said that they do physical distancing so they don’t need to wear a face mask. Expert says you should do both! There is also a study that wearing a mask captures and diffuses the droplets carrying the virus.

Now, you have been enlightened with the information provided to you right now make sure that you will wear your face mask whenever you’re in a public place. Wearing a face mask is protecting yourself and also your loved ones.

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