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Why Are Silk Face Mask Also Popular?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

A silk face mask is loved mostly by women because it is gentle on the skin, making it more suitable

for people who have very sensitive skin. There are many available silk face masks out in the market nowadays. Most people buy those with nose wire since it helps the mask stay in place. People also look for those with filter pockets so they can add a filter for extra protection from unwanted viruses. It has a smooth, soft, and almost waxy texture. It comes in different colors too that’s why you may choose your favorites and it is washable and reusable too!

Before we talk about WHY silk face mask, let me give a piece of brief information about SILK.

SILK is produced by the caterpillars. One type which is called Bombyx mori has been widely bred for silk production. That’s why silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles.


Silk face mask with nose wire and filter pocket
Silk Face Mask with Nose Wire & Filter Pocket

Research shows that SILK is the best option for everyday use for people who are not in the hospital setting. It is said that it is the most effective at preventing the penetration of droplets. It has the most hydrophobicity among any other fabrics. Experts say that it is the next best mask after N95 and surgical masks.

Silk fabric is more breathable! That’s why for those who are saying that they cannot breathe when wearing regular face masks, you can recommend them a silk face mask.

Silk face mask is best for people who have very sensitive skin! Most of us were experiencing ‘Maskne’ while wearing a face mask. Many users of silk face masks said that when they started using silk face masks it helped them to prevent having ‘Maskne.’

According to studies, this fabric is naturally anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. And you don’t need special silk for this because what experts tested was 100% silk, the one that is commercially available everywhere.

It's perfect for this coming summer season! Silk does not increase local humidity around the face beneath it. That’s why you may wear it comfortably for a longer period.

Since silk is a very delicate fabric and I know that you would also want to know how to wash them properly so that you can keep them for a long time. It is said that you should wash your face mask every after use to cleanse it and remove the bacteria and viruses that it accumulated while you are outside.

So, how to wash it?

1. Prepare Lukewarm water- For a silk face mask, it is advised to hand wash it rather than washing it in a washing machine. But if you want to use a washing machine, make sure that the water is in a warm setting and will not exceed 30 Celsius.

2. Use a mild soap or a silk detergent- those that contain bleach is not advisable and gently wash it for 20 to 30 seconds.

3. Squeeze the water out but don’t squeeze too hard to avoid damaging your face mask especially if it has a nose wire.

4. Air dry your silk face mask- Yes, it is safe to air dry it. If you have a dryer then you may use it but not too hot as it may damage your silk face mask.

5. Once dry, you may iron it to remove wrinkles but make sure to set the iron into silk mode. Then store it in a clean and safe place.

A silk face mask is amazing, right? If you are a person who loves fashion too then this is the best option for you! Now that you know why you should have a silk face mask, go and buy yours now! It may be a little bit pricey than other types of face masks but it’s definitely worth it!

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