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FACE MASKS: What To Know?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

It didn’t cross our minds that one day a face mask is a must-have for everyone. Before, only medical front-liners were wearing a face mask. We didn’t expect that a virus called Covid 19 will exist and will change our lives. During this pandemic, one thing that can help us from preventing the spread and from catching the virus is a face mask.

Why Should I Wear A Face Mask?

When you wear your face mask you are protecting yourself and those people around you. There have been rumors before that we don’t need to use a face mask as it is not effective in preventing coronavirus however study shows that wearing a face mask reduces the exhaled aerosols from infectious but asymptomatic individuals. By blocking the exhale of the virus around you, your mask is keeping the virus from spreading. Face masks serve as a helpful barrier when you cough and sneeze.

Who Should Wear A Face Mask?

Everyone must wear one! If you don’t wear any face mask you are exposing yourself to an unwanted virus and you can also be a threat to those people around you. Since a lot of cases right now are called asymptomatic (infected with covid 19 but does not show any symptoms) you will never know if the person in a grocery store, gas station, or in any public place is infected. It's better to be safe than sorry.

However, there are a group of people who are exempted from wearing a face mask.

  • Children 2 years old and below

  • anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Face Masks And Who Should Wear Them?

  • Surgical Face Mask

- Worn by medical front-liners

- People 60 years old and above

- Those who have mild symptoms and waiting for covid-19 test

- People who are positive from Covid-19

  • N-95 Face mask

- Medical front-liners

  • Cloth Face Mask

- Encouraged to be worn by the general public

- A cotton face mask is advisable as it is very comfortable and breathable

But Is A Cloth Face Mask Effective?

Yes, it is! Some people say that another kind of face mask is effective than face mask but different mask serves a different purpose and cloth mask are highly effective for the general public. The average person who is not working in medical areas with Covid-19 patients should wear a cloth mask so that we can conserve medical PPE for medical workers. It is not also true that carbon dioxide gets trapped under the cloth and makes you sick. A properly fitted mask offers adequate airflow while still covering your nose and mouth.

Final Thoughts?

A face mask is just one way on how you can prevent Covid-19 from spreading and one way also to protect yourself. You still need to practice social distancing when in public places, bring with you disinfectants, and make sure that you always wash your hands. Let’s protect our loved ones, friends, ourself and our community by wearing a face mask. Wearing is caring!.

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