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Why Choose Cotton Face Masks?

Cotton Face with Filter Pocket

Why Cotton Facemask?

First things first, why Cotton Fabric among any other fabrics? They say that cotton fabric is highly breathable and absorbent. It is also chemically organic, which means it does not contain any synthetic compound. Cotton fabric is also soft but has heat retention attributes and has high tensile strength.

So Why Use A Cotton Facemask?

A lot of people who were using this kind of face mask have common feedback which is, it is very comfortable to use and breathable while at the same time offering the most protection. It is Eco friendly too since you can wash and try to reuse it. A cotton face mask is also loved by people who want to be fashionable while wearing a mask but being comfortable at the same time.

But, Is It Safe For Us To Use Cotton Facemask?

Yes! Definitely! It is said that it can block droplets at around 2.5 inches and it is advisable to use in the general public. So, don’t believe in ‘Myths’ that cotton facemask is not safe to use! As long as it is not in the Hospital, a cotton facemask can help to prevent catching a virus.

So, Always Remember

Be a responsible citizen. Wear your mask properly! Make sure that it will cover your mouth, nose and secured under your chin. More importantly, wearing a facemask is just one important piece of the puzzle, make sure to practice social distancing and always wash your hands.

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