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Let’s talk about the most common kind of fabric that the whole world is using - COTTON!

Maybe some of you were asking why everyone loves cotton and what makes it special. If you are curious about that, read on!

Fun Facts About Cotton

1. Comes From The Arabic Word ‘Kuton’ Or ‘Quton’ Meaning Fine Fiber

This is not a surprise since the cotton plant first became popular in the Islamic world.

2. Cotton Is Older Than You!

Yes! Cotton actually exists for a very long time. Humans have been using cotton for thousands of years now! Its use way back in 5000 BC. That’s how old cotton is being part of human life.

3. Cotton Have Different Colors

These cotton fibers can be in pink, brown, and green. However, colorful cotton is not grown on a large scale.

4. There Are 4 Kinds Of Cotton

  • Prima Cotton or American Cotton is the finest type due to its extra-soft fibers.

  • Egyptian Cotton which grown in the Nile Valley and considered the best type by many

  • Upland Cotton which has a very short fiber

  • Organic Cotton is grown without chemicals.

5. Cotton Becomes Tougher When Wet

Other types of fiber become weak when it is soaked in water but why cotton don’t? Its because the hydrogen atoms in the water make additional bonds with the atoms of cellulose in cotton. Cotton fiber is almost pure cellulose. That’s why most of the countries in the world were using cotton paper for banknotes.

6. Cotton In The Textile Industry

Mostly, cotton is used in making clothing, towels, underwear, curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, carpet, rugs, and denim.

7. Best Fabric For A Face Mask

Why? Because cotton is hypo-allergenic which means it does not trigger or cause any allergies which are good for sensitive skin. The fiber is also breathable which is perfect for a face mask.

8. Cotton ‘Gin’

Mind you, this is not an alcoholic drink. It is a shortcut for Cotton Engine which they use to remove the cotton fibers from the cottonseed.

9. Cotton Grows In

Nearly all tropical and subtropical countries. It also grows in the USA, China, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Brazil, and Turkey.

10. Cotton Already Reached The Moon

China’s Chang’e 4 touched down on the moon that carries a container filled with soil and cotton seeds. The cottonseed has sprouted however it eventually died as it did not survive the lunar night which can reach up to -173 Degrees Celsius.

So, that’s it for our Cotton Facts. Is this the first time you knew about these facts?

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