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YES to Vaccination CardHolder, NO to Lamination

People were celebrating when the Covid vaccine has been made available because why not? This is what we’ve been waiting for! A vaccine that will protect us from the Covid-19 virus. A lot of people were getting the vaccine now in different parts of the world. And I hope you got yours now.

When you receive the vaccine they will give you a VACCINATION CARD. This card contains your name, birthdate, vaccine manufacturer, specific vaccine lot number your dose came from, when and where the vaccine was given.

Since this card is very important right now, everybody wants to protect it. You may not know what could happen if you just place it inside your purse, your bag, or who knows you might spill coffee on it.

So, what should we do to protect our Vaccination Card?

A lot were suggesting to LAMINATE it so that it will totally be protected. However, it is not encouraged to laminate your card once done with the 2nd dose of vaccine.

But why?

Since the Covid-19 virus is still evolving right now they might require a booster in the future. It needs to be recorded too in your Vaccination Card that’s why if you laminate it right now they will not be able to record it on the card.

So, what’s the BEST option?


You can easily place your card inside and pull it out if you need it. Vaccination cardholders are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which makes it resealable and water-resistant. You can also place a lanyard on it if you want to. The size is 4”x3” which is perfect for your card.

If you’re wondering where to buy it you may order it with us here on this website or on ETSY and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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